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Considering making the switch to Everything DiSC®? Wondering what the additional cost of the profile will get you? (If you need paper tests, you'll need to use DiSC Classic.)

ELEVEN REASONS you might want to use an Everything DiSC profile rather than DiSC Classic (or another assessment based on the DISC model.)

  • My Everything DiSC Explore MapExtended learning through MyEverythingDiSC.com keeps DiSC in the mind of learners. Participants can learn more about their own styles, get tips on working with other styles, view style comparisons, and much more. They can do this on their own time from their own desktop or mobile device.
  • Comparison Reports are available only with Everything DiSC profiles. These reports are especially valuable for improving reporting relationships, building teams and reducing conflict.
  • Participants find the reports more personal and relevant. Everything DiSC profiles are based on around 80 items (adaptived to respondent's previous answers) instead of the 28 used by DiSC Classic. The circle model measures eight scales compared to the four of the graph model. This makes for a more precise assessment.
  • The circle model is more intuitive and memorable. The shading of the circle better illustrates how we are all D, i, S, and C. It clearly illustrates how we're capable of adapting our behavior and using styles outside of style label.
  • The richer report narrative and engaging visuals better hold the interest of participants. Group discussions flow more naturally.
  • The circle model is application focused. Are you working on management issues? Then you can use Everything DiSC Management. Want to improve sales or customer service? Then you’ll want to use Everything DiSC Sales. Need to address the issue of conflict? Use Everything DiSC Productive Conflict. For most other purposes Everything DiSC Workplace, Everything DiSC Agile EQ, or Everything DiSC Work of Leaders will serve you best.
  • Robust DIY trainer kits mean you don’t have to hire a consultant to administer and score the assessment or to train participants. The videos included in the kits are contemporary and better reflect today’s workplace.
  • The assessment is easier to take, especially for non-native speakers of English. The questions don’t force you to choose from four words the two that describe you most and least, as does DiSC Classic. It uses a rating scale that's much easier for most people to complete.
  • The profiles provide participants with a common language for discussing their differences and discovering the value of those differences.
  • Group dynamics can easily be understood through group reports. Strengths and limitations are visible.
  • The circle model uses the latest research by Wiley, the publisher.
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