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It's not all about me. It's about us.It’s all about people and their relationships: people working together, people selling to others, people leading others. Self-awareness and people skills are critical to organizational success. The “people issue” begins with hiring and onboarding and moves on through professional development, every workplace encounter and sale or service. So, of course, organizations turn to a tool like Everything DiSC to improve their inter-personal interactions and their organizational culture.

Hiring and onboarding

Making sure you hire the person who best fits your organization can save you thousands of dollars. The average cost to rehire to fill a position is 25 to 250 percent of the original employee's annual salary. Therefore, assessments are often used to determine job and culture fit.

However, DiSC is not recommended for pre-employment screening because it does not measure a specific skill, aptitude or factor specific to any position. We’ve heard of companies who will only hire people with a particular style for certain jobs. This is a misuse of DiSC. We recommend using a pre-hire assessment validated for selection, e.g., PXT Select.

Nevertheless, DiSC® profiles are often used successfully as part of the hiring and onboarding process. For example, if the hiring manager knows their style, they know that they might experience a bias towards someone of the same style or a bias against someone of the opposing style. Since stretching across one’s style is important in every job, interviewers can ask questions about a candidate’s ability to stretch when necessary. A manager can use knowledge of their team’s DiSC styles to let a candidate know what it’s like to work with the group.

DiSC is often used to accelerate onboarding a new hire. Having a discussion about each other’s styles and how to best communicate can help team members and managers get off on the right foot.

Employee development and succession planning

Some organizations use profiles from the Everything DiSC Application Suite to develop current employees and help them succeed in new positions. The Management and Work of Leaders profiles are often used just before or just after someone has moved up in the hierarchy or gets a new assignment. These are used with groups in developmental programs and individually with coaches or mentors.

The Everything DiSC 363 for Leaders is a popular 360 degree review tool that can be used developmentally or to spot candidates for emerging leadership training. For example it can be very helpful for a new leader with a pioneering style to know that they are taking over from a deliberate leader. They’ll know that their new team might be surprised (and maybe even worried) by their new leader’s willingness to take risks and seek out new opportunities and lack of focus on analysis and stability.
The DiSC profiles can provide valuable insights that can contribute to creating a work environment that’s collaborative and engaged. Use DiSC to understand how employment candidates fit with your company's culture and current employees. Just remember that a person’s DiSC style should be used as only one data point during any point in the hiring or developmental process.

PXT Select: Hire Smarter

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