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DiSC profiles explained: i is for Influence

I.pngIf you've recently taken the DiSC® profile, your report has a more personalized explanation of what having an i style means for you than what is presented here. But this can be a fun page to link to and have others learn a bit more about you. Or you can use it to better understand someone you work or live with.

Note: Information here applies only to Everything DiSC and DiSC Classic assessments. Other tests using the name DISC have not been researched and validated to the depth of Wiley's DiSC products.

People with the i style place an emphasis on shaping the environment by influencing or persuading others.

A person with an i style

  • is described as convincing, magnetic, enthusiastic, warm, trusting and optimistic
  • prioritizes taking action, collaboration, and expressing enthusiasm
  • is motivated by social recognition, group activities, and relationships
  • may fear loss of influence, disapproval and being ignored
  • values coaching and counseling, freedom of expression and democratic relationships
  • may be limited by being impulsive and disorganized and having lack of follow-through


  • victory with flair
  • friendship and happiness
  • authority and prestige status symbols
  • popularity
Will need to expend more energy to:
  • research all the facts
  • speak directly and candidly
  • stay focused for long periods
  • follow-through completely

When communicating with i-style individuals, share your experiences, allow them time to ask questions and talk themselves. Focus on the positives, avoid overloading them with details, and don't interrupt them.

DiSC Classic Patterns: Promoter, Persuader, Counselor, Appraiser

Leadership styles: Energizing, Pioneering, Affirming

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