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Four people with their personality traits as name tags Why people use and recommend DiSC® assessments

Comparison Reports

Comparison Reports are available for free if you use the EPIC admininistrative site to organization and run your profiles.

I use these for team building—especially with new teams—because they give co-workers, supervisors and team members an upfront understanding of the “whys” behind their colleagues' behaviors, preferences, communication and work styles.

— Ann Beecham, senior business consultant/president

Everything DiSC Workplace

We love Everything DiSC for its simplicity and insightful assessment of our employees and team make-up.

— Meghan

It was so eerily accurate, and I am actually excited for my CEO to read it so that he can kind of “get to know” me better. Not that he doesn’t know me…but it really does show the way I think and what I need to work productively.

— Lindsey

I use DiSC for myself and everyone else on my product team. I’m a bit crazy about DiSC. Everyone on my team has taken the test, and most of my discussions about people revolve around the strengths and weaknesses revealed through their DiSC assessment results.

— Casey

Our team took the DiSC assessment to discover more about ourselves and our co-workers. Knowing other people’s DiSC styles can help you understand their priorities and how they may differ from your own. You also learn how you react to certain personality types and how to increase your effectiveness with styles that are different from your own. Overall, you can improve the quality of your team and build more effective workplace relationships by using this tool.

— Jennifer

It was a really interesting report and quite spot-on! Not only did it tell me how I work, but it talked about how I work with others who have different styles. I wish I would have taken this sooner because it probably would have helped me better understand and work with my previous colleagues.

— Cristina

Everything DiSC Productive Conflict

From project delays to a lack of resources, construction industry workers face a variety of challenges on the job each day. Watch the video to learn how the Union Brotherhood of Carpenters uses Everything DiSC Productive Conflict to better the lives and workplace culture of their members!

Everything DiSC Work of Leaders

Find out how Carhartt established a standard language of leadership at all levels of the organizations.

Why people return to discprofile.com

We have some great customers and we're grateful for their support, so let us end with quotes from them about us.

"I am writing just to express my extreme satisfaction with the customer service at discprofile.com. As with most assessments, I usually have many questions. I've called on 3 occasions in the last week, and the representatives who have taken my calls have really gone above and beyond. They have been so polite, thorough, and accurate! As a customer, it has been an absolute pleasure. I can attest to the fact that most customer service folks at other assessment organizations are not nearly as wonderful as you are at DiSC."

— Joe, Columbia University

"This was my first interaction with the team at Discprofile.com and I found their dedication to customer service outstanding throughout my interaction with them. Their explanation of the technology and tools at my disposal in creating customized DISC assessments and reports proved invaluable and I found the work output to be exemplary and very professionally done. As a daily practitioner of human resources for the past 20 years, I have rarely found an assessment tool to be as “user friendly” as the online system provided me and the discprofile.com team’s personalized attention in creating a strong customer experience was second to none. I highly recommend discprofile.com for all things DISC and know that I will be partnering with them again in the future.

— Tony Chipkewich

Success stories from organizations using Everything DiSC

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