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Trainer with DiSC slide behind her

We want you to be successful using DiSC® in your organization. With DiSC you don't need to hire a consultant to interpret tests or conduct training. We've provided these links and resources to help you get the most from Everything DiSC.

Trainer / Facilitation Kits
Each Everything DiSC profile is supported by a kit which provides learning modules complete with scripting, slides, and video.
PDF file  Tips for Successful Virtual Facilitation
PDF file  Everything DiSC Workplace®: Virtual Facilitation Activities
PDF file  Everything DiSC® Agile EQ™: Virtual Facilitation Activities
PDF file  Everything DiSC® Management: Virtual Facilitation Activities

If you prefer to hire a facilitator, contact us for a recommendation or search for one at  everythingdisc.com.

Everything DiSC Certification & Training
Both online and in-person training is available for Everything DiSC Workplace. Everything DiSC Essentials is self-directed training for those who want more information about all our Everything DiSC profiles and tools, and who don't need the credential.

FAQ about DiSC Training
We answer a few questions most facilitators new to Everything DiSC have.

Debriefing Everything DiSC® profiles
These tips will give you the confidence to work with the Everything DiSC assessments.

Activities and Tips
Liven up your DiSC training with some of these activities. Gain more confidence with these tips and suggestions.

Additional Everything DiSC support

DiSC Profiles Blog
See our blog for more information about DiSC, training activities, interviews, how to be a better speaker, etc.

DiSC Practitioners and Fans
Facebook group for any trainers, facilitators, coaches, speakers, or consultants.

Everything DiSC User Group, LinkedIn