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QuikDiSC® Card Deck

QuikDiSC® is an entertaining card game that introduces learners to DiSC® and increases training effectiveness. QuikDiSC cards are divided into four color-coded groups of 32 cards each. Deck is 128 cards total. Each group has four sets of eight words that describe D, i, S, or C behavioral dimensions. Complete instructions and ideas for small and large group games are included.
4.8 (8 ratings)
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For use with approximately 20 people per deck.
“I use QuikDiSC cards in a variety of ways and use them in almost every DiSC training session that I do.” — Anna

“Love these cards for the multiple uses they offer”. — Jill

More information from the DiSCProfiles.com blog

People-reading with DiSC
Games and Activities with QuikDiSC Card Deck

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