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Everything DiSC®  Team View Report

This simple report shows the style and dot placement for each participant in your Everything DiSC® assessment group. It makes it easy to see how everyone scored and displays their names. Keep it handy during a workshop so you can quickly reference a participant's style when they have questions.

There is no limit to the number of respondents who can be included in the report. This report is created from 3 or more individual completed Everything DiSC profiles (sold separately). Works with Everything DiSC Workplace, Management, Productive Conflict, Agile EQ, or Sales. (Does not work with DiSC Classic)

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Some facilitators working with a group that enjoys strong trust will share this with their group. Other facilitators will ask the group if they want it shared, or will not share it at all. This particular view of the individual patterns in the group is not available in the Everything DiSC Facilitator Report nor the Everything DiSC Group Culture Report.

Sample Report

 Everything DiSC Team View Report

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