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DiSC® Classic Facilitator Report

This facilitator report is designed to help you better understand the diversity of interpersonal styles within your group so that you can help participants use their DiSC® knowledge most effectively.

Unlike the DiSC Classic Group Culture Report, this report provides the names of participants and how they scored on the DiSC Classic assessment.

This report is created from 3 or more individual completed DiSC Classic 2.0 or DiSC Classic 2 Plus online profiles (sold separately).
Available with online profiles only. (Does not work with Everything DiSC profiles)

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Sections include:

  • Breakdown by DiSC quadrant
  • DiSC styles distribution
  • Classical pattern distribution
  • DiSC and group culture
  • Individual data table

This report presents issues to consider regarding your group’s culture. These can be used to facilitate discussions. This is often done in a follow-up session after introducing DiSC to your group.

For smaller groups, the end of this report contains a bonus reference page that shows the DiSC quadrants and lists members who had their highest DiSC score in each quadrant. This page will not be generated if there are too many people to fit into a single quadrant (i.e., more than 40 people in a single DiSC quadrant).

Sample Report

DiSC Classic Facilitator Report

Using in EPIC

This report can be run for 15 credits.
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