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DiSC® Classic 2.0 Online Profile

The original DiSC profile with the assessment and results delivered online.

Uses: Professional development, career development, personal coaching, communication, customer service, conflict management, team building and more.

This profile is often used by facilitators with previous experience with DiSC® Classic or by individuals for their own uses such as preparing for a job interview or for self-awareness. The Group Culture Report and Facilitator Report are available with this online version.

Profile is for one person.
For each profile ordered, you will receive an email with the Access Code. Anyone taking the assessment will need to set up an account.
Note: If you’re forwarding Access Codes to others and want to see their reports, ask respondents to send their reports to you.

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DiSC Classic can help personnel at all levels

  • understand their preferences, strengths, and growth areas
  • appreciate personal diversity
  • develop a common language to discuss personal styles
  • create a dialogue about personal preferences, frustrations, and differences
  • relate to those around them

Other versions of DiSC Classic available

DiSC Classic is the original 28-question test with 20-page blue booklet containing the test, scoring mechanism, and interpretation of results.
DiSC Classic 2.0 Plus is also delivered online, but adds six supplements on managing, relating, and selling. Group Culture Report and Facilitator Reports are also available.

Sample reports

  DiSC Classic 2.0 Profile Report
  DiSC Clásico 2.0 Report (Spanish)


Quantity Price per Profile
1-16 $72.00
17-33 $68.25
34-49 $64.50
50-66 $62.25
67-99 $60.75
100-133 $59.25
134+ $57.75

For the facilitator

Additional Reports Available for Purchase (Available only with online version of the profile)
  DiSC Classic Facilitator Report
  DiSC Classic Group Culture Report
  DiSC Classic Team View Report

Additional Resources
Why use Everything DiSC instead of DiSC Classic?

Trainer certification for DiSC Classic is no longer available.

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